Honey & Hazel was Born from a Love of Food and Dogs

How it all Started

Honey & Hazel was started with a love of dogs and good food.  We own and operate a family supermarket and butcher shop in Caribou, Maine.  In our supermarket we started selling a national brand of "fresh" dog food.  While it is very popular, we started wondering if it really was fresh, how could it have a shelf life of 

90 days or more. We began researching recipes and formulas for fresh dog food.  We knew we had a great resource for fresh meats and awesome vegetables. We consulted a well respected veterinarian and read every article, research report and food label we could find. We developed our recipe and began testing on our beloved dogs and some local customers.  The results were nothing short of amazing! Our 14 year old dog went from near death to an overall healthy senior dog. His hot spots cleared up, arthritis improved and overall health improved immensely. Our standard poodles coats and eyes both improved and soon we were able to stop using medication to treat for allergies. Our initial customers also reported similar results. We sent our food off to a national lab to be certified and Honey & Hazel was born.

Our Recipes

We have a not so secret recipe! In fact, we are happy to share our recipe and love discussing how we make our food and helping those who prefer to make their own food. We just realize not everyone has the time and equipment to make their own fresh dog food week after week. We start with top quality truly human grade meats from our butcher shop and add brown rice and an assortment of fresh vegetables.  We gently cook the food to preserve precious nutrients and always include Maine finest wild blueberries. Maine blueberries are packed with antioxidants.  They are great for humans and great for dogs too.  We love to keep learning about pet nutrition so if you have feedback, we love to hear it. Feel free to email us at Honeyhazelhomemade@gmail.com and if you happen to find yourself in Caribou, Maine stop in and say hi.