Is fresh really better?

We Sure think so! Most dry kibble is made with not for human consumption food that is preserved and dried to maintain a long shelf life.  It also comes with lots of added salt. While dried kibble is "balanced" it may not provide sufficient micro nutrients for a healthy, happy and long life. As always, we encourage you to show our formula to your veterinarian and get their advice.

What do you mean by human grade?

While the term "human grade" may be a little overused these days, at Honey & Hazel we mean it.  We purchase fresh meats from our own butcher shop and fresh vegetables from local farms and our produce market. Fresh is always better and we also try to buy as much local as possible to support local growers.  Honey & Hazel is really good fresh food, just ask our human taste testers!

Why isn't Honey & Hazel grain free?

At Honey & Hazel we believe that good quality steamed brown rice provides necessary carbohydrates for dogs, giving them the fuel they need. If you are looking for a grain free option, let us know, we are always willing to do custom blends since we cook your meals fresh to order.

My dog is allergic to one ingredient in your recipe, what can I do?

First, we may encourage you to give it a try and see how your dog does with our blend.  Along with our veterinarian partner, we have found many dogs are allergic to the products (preservatives and additives) used to treat certain ingredients  in dry kibble and not the component itself.  However, if you really need a custom blend, just ask since our meals are cooked to order.  We care more about your dog than making sales, so if your dog is not suited to our dog, please don't purchase it, or ask for a full refund on your order.

My dog is drinking less water after Honey & Hazel, why?

One of the first things we noticed after making the switch to homemade food was how much less water our dogs were drinking.  This is because our food contains much more natural moisture than dry kibble.  Imagine how thirsty you may be if all you ate was potato chips all day! In addition, dry dog food adds lots of unnecessary salt to their blends to make them somewhat palatable which also makes them thirsty.  As always, consult your veterinarian but don't worry if your dog is drinking as much.

Where do you ship Honey & Hazel?

We care about getting your food fresh to you so as of now we will ship to anywhere we can deliver within two days of Maine.  That includes most places so give us a try and we will let you know if we can;t deliver within 2 days.

How do you pack the food and how do we store it?

We pack Honey & Hazel in 28 Oz resealable serving packs.   We recommend freezing any food that won't be consumed within 7 days.  We do not add any preservatives to Honey & Hazel.  

Can I purchase Honey & Hazel in the supermarket?

We currently ship direct o consumers to maintain freshness, unless of course you happen to be in Caribou, Maine where you can find it fresh made in our supermarket and deli.  

Should I ask my vet before changing?

We always advise to consult your vet before changing over.  Feel free to bring our recipe and get their opinion.  We have developed the recipes with help from a well respected veterinarian but we always encourage you to consult yours. We also welcome your feedback!

What if I want to only supplement my existing food?

Absolutely, while we think only fresh is best, many families choose to add fresh to existing kibble for various reasons.  If you plan to supplement, either purchase our 7 lb one time box, or simply adjust the size dog plan accordingly. For example, if your fog s 40lbs, but you plan to feed half kibble and half fresh, choose the Honey & Hazel plan for a 20lb dog. You can always change plans at any time. As always, we encourage you to discuss your feeding plan with your veterinarian. 

How will I know if I am feeding the proper amount?

First, determine your weight goals for your dog along with your veterinarian. Then, the best way is to weigh your dog regularly and keep a chart.  We weigh our dogs by standing on the scale alone, and then with our dogs.  It turns out it is good for both of us!  Also, be sure to record your dogs weight at each visit to the veterinarian. 

If I am traveling, can I change the ship to address?

Sure you can, just reach out to us and let us know.  Please give us time to make sure we can deliver safely within 2 days.   You can also freeze and take food with you.

Can I change or cancel my subscription?

Yes! At any time, you can change or cancel your subscription, just let us know!